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Darkspace pirates, THE SWORDS OF SINCLAIR, troll the vast megavoids in the tracts between systems - scanning for hyperdrives with crew in cryo, using MILITARY-GRADE INTERDICTORS to pull ships from hyperspace and shutter their drives. Crews are stolen away, still in the cold dark of cryosleep or gassed into submission during boarding, and taken to BLACKSTAR STATION. Crews awaken as contestants in THE BLOODFIELDS.

THE BLOODFIELDS AT BLACKSTAR STATION is a 40-page battle royale hexcrawl and black market space station setting zine for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG 1e  including:

  • 19 sectors to fight across at the heart of a former tourist resort
  • 20 teams of contestants - enemy killers, unlikely allies, and more
  • Black market space station setting with factions, NPCs and hooks
  • Evocative art by Roque Romero (Codex R, Picket Line Tango)
  • Edited by Vi Huntsman (MÖRK BORG, What We Give To Alien Gods)
STAND-ALONE: Your crew awakes in The Bloodfields after going into cryosleep just before their first job together. They have a first impression of one another, but little else.

CAMPAIGN: The Bloodfields is a terrible interruption between other things. The Swords find the crew on their way to the next job or on their way back. They don’t know the crew is, and they don’t care. They simply need bodies for the ‘Fields.

LOCALE: Blackstar Station is a freespace hub for illegal trade, gambling, and more. Spread rumors of it. Let the crew find coordinates, hidden away. If you can find Blackstar, you are free to visit. But you may not like what you find.


  • 40-page 8.5x5.5" Full Color Zine PDF
    • Including printer friendly, ePub, and Google Doc versions
  • Digital Asset Pack
    • High-res Bloodfields Arena and Blackstar Station Maps
      • Including poster hexmap art by Zach Hazard Vaupen!
    • High-res sector, contestant, locale and faction art/animated gifs
    • High-res winners' patch and double-sided digital poster art!
  • Digital Soundtrack by Jet McFin [AVAILABLE NOW]
    • 20 atmospheric and pulse-pounding tracks to kill (or be killed) to!

The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station was created and crowdfunded via Kickstarter in February 2022 as part of Zine Month.


Writing/Layout: Christian Sorrell
Editing/Development: Vi Huntsman
Interior/Poster Station Art: Roque Romero
Poster Hexmap Art: Zach Hazard Vaupen
Patch Art: Stella Joy Condrey
Soundtrack: Jet McFin
Playtesting: Kevin Masterson, Tom Otero, Kurt Larson

Special Thanks:

  • Kate Sorrell
  • Ian Yusem
  • Tim Obermueller
  • Greenspore
  • Joel Hines
  • James Hanna

Backgrounds: TextureFabrik.com
Photo Processing: Photomosh
Fonts: Mx437 IBM Conv-2y (VileR), Oxanium (Google Fonts)

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorMeatCastle GameWare
Tags1e, battle-royale, black-market, combat, Horror, mothership, scifi, setting, space-station, zine


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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For folks looking for some examples of play, here's a short actual play of The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station featured on Plus One Exp closer to the zine's original launch!

Is there a recommended min/max party size?  I'm guessing it's not particularly suited for solo play.


I'd recommend the standard 3-5 players in a crew. Solo play would be very hard to survive but I'd love to see how well a creative character could do! The game is procedurally generated as you play so there's no set difficulty or a point that would definitely be too hard or too easy. If I was a player in a smaller groups, I'd play quiet and smart and try to forge an alliance with another team (but who knows when they might turn on you?!).