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6 hours ago: Emergency systems were initialized on Icarus Station, a small monitoring facility in low solar orbit

5 hours ago: Icarus crew reported multiple deaths and “one GOBLIN with a knife.”

4 hours ago: All communications went dark.

3 hours ago: You were hired to clear the station of threats and recover any living crew.

2 hours ago: You learned goblins are real.

1 hour ago: You and your team arrived in local space near Icarus Station on docking approach.

NOW: The airlock is opening. TIME TO GO.

THERE IS A GOBLIN ON THE LOOSE IN ICARUS STATION is a goofy and fantastical creature horror pamphlet adventure for MOTHERSHIP sci-fi horror RPG - 1e.

ICARUS STATION sees players boarding a solar monitoring station on a mission to rescue any living crew and deal with strange reports of a deadly entity onboard: a goblin with a knife!

Purchase includes standard and printer-friendly PDFs, a plaintext version, and standalone maps for players and warden use.


Goblin Art: Evlyn Moreau
Background: TextureFabrik.com
Inspiration: Sean McCoy
The Rest: Christian Sorrell

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorMeatCastle GameWare
Tags1e, Fantasy, goblin, goofy, Horror, module, mothership, pamphlet, Sci-fi


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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IcarusStation - Map - Labeled - White.png 1 MB
IcarusStation - Map - Unlabeled - Black.png 816 kB
IcarusStation - Map - Unlabeled - White.png 819 kB

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This is such great dark comedy for a space horror game. The oneshot we played featured a riduculed Marine whose colony was taken out by "goblins." They came out maimed but victorious on Icarus Station, so I can't wait to send them to Goblin Planet!

Fun writing, great design, and a whole lotta (goblin) heart.


Thanks for playing! Sounds like a great time!


just ran this for a one-shot and it was even better than i had imagined, such a fantastic module with so much potential

That's awesome to hear! I'm glad you had a good time with it. 


Sci-Fi Goblin lovers unite! Nyhur just dropped a DIGITAL GOBLIN pamphlet adventure for Cy_Borg that feels very much in the same spiritual lane as ICARUS STATION. Check it out: https://nyhur.itch.io/cy-borg-digital-goblin-hunt